About Us

About Our Company

Easy CO2 is a division of Sidney Lee Welding Supply, Inc. that provides businesses with convenient, more cost-effective carbonation solutions. We are family-owned and operated, and have been doing business in Metro Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia for over 50 years.

What Does This Mean For The Customer?

  • No more headaches from switching out cylinder during a rush and risking personal injury.
  • No CO2 supply concerns, dry ice concerns, and vacuum problems.
  • No more paying rent on sitting, unused cylinders.
  • No more running out of CO2 and scrambling to get more.
  • Day or night fillings without entering the premises.
  • Lower overall costs for CO2.
  • Same day service.

How Do We Do It?

We customize each carbonation system to match the usage specifications of the customer. Switching to Easy CO2 is a breeze. We simply upgrade your cylinder system and add a fill box to a convenient outside location. When your system needs refilling, our state-of-the-art trucks will come by and quickly refill the system.